23. Ursa camera + Nikon 1,600 mm lens combo

  Mid February-2016,  I purchased a piece of aluminum, from a metal supply shop in Calgary. It was 12 inches wide, 48 inches long and 1/2 inch thick. Weight = 28.224 lbs… After a few days of looking and thinking, I finally had a vision of what had to be done. It ...Read More

22. July 2015 update – Equipment cases

It’s been a fairly busy few months since the NAB show – held in Las Vegas – last April. Ended up purchasing a Black Magic Design ‘Ursa‘ camera – from B&H. A few months ago, I was at a Home Depot in Calgary – and happened to notice a new rugged case ...Read More

21. Nvidia Quadro K5200

I rebuilt my computer tower during the summer of 2014. Now running an ASUS P9X79-E WorkStation motherboard with 64 GB of ram.     Installed this new Nvidia Quadro K5200 graphics card a few weeks ago. The older K5000 is now for sale. Getting ready to work on a movie this summer. ...Read More

20. Nvidia Quadro 5000

Finally managed to upgrade my computer, with a Nvidia Quadro 5000 graphics card. This should make editing images and videos – a lot more easier…     There’s a big list of graphic cards at http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/high_end_gpus.html The associated benchmarks are sorted by each cards ‘gaming’ performance. I don’t play any games on ...Read More

19. 1994 Red MG Convertible – 360º Pano

  Using PTgui Pro, I made a 360º panorama a few years ago – at a large outdoor car show – held at VanDusen Botanical Gardens, in Vancouver BC Canada. This 1994 Red MG Convertible (Morgan Plus 4) – is owned by Malcohm Sparrow. You’ll see him once the panorama is run. He’s ...Read More

18. Robin Perry – Photographer & Author (1917–2005)

  I first came across his name around 1974 – from some newsletters [pictures pending] that I received from Dexter Press – a company that specialized in Color PostCards. Robin wrote numerous articles about technique and the business side of photography – inside these newsletters. Robin Perry – photography, freelance writer and author. ...Read More

17. Sun and Refinery’s Exhaust Heat

    Photographed the rising sun – to coincide with the heat coming from the exhaust stacks – at a refinery, north of Calgary.   ...Read More

16. Protected: Old Steel Safe – Old Secrets

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. ...Read More

15. No Shooting sign – used as Target Practise

    Found this shot-up No Shooting sign, but it’s hard to poke holes at this oxymoron… 🙂   ...Read More

14. Snorkeling – Gulf of Mexico

    A young lad snorkeling in the Gulf of Mexico, near the Florida Keys.   ...Read More