Harry Jerome – the long run…

I shot several sets of bracketed images of this location – back on Jun-15-2008. Started shooting around 10pm. The combination image above – shows the original 5 images (at 8s) that were captured. The Nikon was on a tripod and 3 exposures were made ...Read More

1965 Chevy truck

May-28-2017 Truck project   A friend wanted me to take some shots of his 1965 Chevy truck (283 engine), with the intent of getting it sold one day.   We moved it to a nearby field and I proceeded to photograph the vehicle.   ...Read More

Cutting steel panels for a fence

Doing some handyman contract work near Millarville, Alberta.     Stack of old galvinized steel panels, saved years ago from an old barn. About 9 sheets had to be cut into 4 foot lengths – which will be used later for a fence (the ...Read More

Stock footage – Fishing in Alberta

  On Sep-05-2017, I found a great location to produce some stock video footage.   We arrived the next day – early morning, before sunrise. Mike Brown was the ‘fly fisherman’. We’re on “Three Point Creek” and about 15 km west of Millarville Alberta. ...Read More

Zoom F8 audio recorder setup

  Finally got the “Cooper SoundBoard” finished today.   Picked up the 1 meter (39 inch) long Hirose cable, from my sister’s place in Calgary yesterday.   The Alvin cable purchased on eBay, took 29 days to arrive…:(   This cable has a Male ...Read More

Work-truck finally hits the road

It has taken many years, to slowly build up a good collection of tools. Most of the gear was in those Dewalt cases, and all these were stored in my motor-home. It didn’t leave much room. My 1994 GMC Safari mini-van was too small ...Read More

Ursa camera + Nikon 1,600 mm lens combo

Mid February-2016,  I purchased a piece of aluminum, from a metal supply shop in Calgary. It was 12 inches wide, 48 inches long and 1/2 inch thick. Weight = 28.224 lbs…     After a few days of looking and thinking, I finally had ...Read More