27. Video – ShowReel

← I noticed on my mobile device - that sometimes the video will start with sound, but the screen is black. Just click on the Full Screen button - and it will appear. ...Read More

26. 1994 Red MG Convertible – 360º Pano

  Using PTgui Pro, I made a 360º panorama a few years ago – at a large outdoor car show – held at VanDusen Botanical Gardens, in Vancouver BC Canada. This 1994 Red MG Convertible (Morgan Plus 4) – is owned by Malcohm Sparrow. You’ll see him once the panorama is run. He’s ...Read More

25. Robin Perry – Photographer & Author (1917–2005)

  I first came across his name around 1974 – from some newsletters [pictures pending] that I received from Dexter Press – a company that specialized in Color PostCards. Robin wrote numerous articles about technique and the business side of photography – inside these newsletters. Robin Perry – photography, freelance writer and author. ...Read More

24. Sun and Refinery’s Exhaust Heat

    Photographed the rising sun – to coincide with the heat coming from the exhaust stacks – at a refinery, north of Calgary.   ...Read More

23. Protected: Old Steel Safe – Old Secrets

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. ...Read More

22. JohnnyO – Old Toys and Car Parts

Photographed several old toys and various car parts at a friend's place in Calgary... ...Read More

21. No Shooting sign – used as Target Practise

    Found this shot-up No Shooting sign in JohnnyO’s backyard. It’s hard to poke holes at this oxymoron…   ...Read More

20. Snorkeling – Gulf of Mexico

    A young lad snorkeling in the Gulf of Mexico, near the Florida Keys.   ...Read More

19. A Wedding Toast – from the Bottom Up

    This is what a wedding toast looks like – from the bottom up…   ...Read More

18. Lunar Bootprint with Logo

    Wanted to play with the concept of interplanetary branding. Used this famous NASA bootprint on the Moon to illustrate my point. Maybe one day – they’ll just do it…   ...Read More