1965 Chevy truck

May-28-2017 Truck project


A friend wanted me to take some shots of his 1965 Chevy truck (283 engine), with the intent of getting it sold one day.


We moved it to a nearby field and I proceeded to photograph the vehicle.


As you can see, it needs some body work…:)


It was cloudy all day, but the sun happened to come out for 10 minutes, when I was up the ladder.



1965 Chevy truck - speedometer



1965 Chevy truck - 283 cubic inch engine



1965 Chevy truck - seat



1965 Chevy truck - passenger side



1965 Chevy truck - drivers side



Ken Cooper - after the shoot.


I’m standing next to the Gitzo tripod – with the Nikon D7000 on top…



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