1994 Red MG Convertible – 360º Pano


Using PTgui Pro, I made a 360º panorama a few years ago – at a large outdoor car show – held at VanDusen Botanical Gardens, in Vancouver BC Canada.

This 1994 Red MG Convertible (Morgan Plus 4) – is owned by Malcohm Sparrow. You’ll see him once the panorama is run.

He’s currently camera-left, wearing a baseball cap and talking to his friends.

This screen-grabbed image below – was captured from inside the Sphere – [picture pending]…


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I recommend using the default DevalVR viewer (Windows only). Install the tiny program when asked – it works great…

Pending – this movie file needs to be recompiled, so that it can also be viewed on Mobile Devices.

This file is fairly large – so it might a minute to fully load. Here’s the link.

Then click on Show Fullscreen. Press the ESC key to leave Fullscreen mode. I also created the background sound effects.


The following are some detail shots of the car. A master (_HDR_)HDR – short for High Dynamic Range image was made of each view, then the following jpgs were made…


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