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The arrow points to my home base → Calgary Alberta Canada.

I’m currently living about 2 km east of Millarville.

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This is the main intersection of Millarville. It has the following →

        • General Store
        • Esso gas station
        • School with an outdoor skating rink
        • 30~ homes in the immediate area
        • no traffic lights
        • no parking meters

Map: Millarville, Alberta, Canada

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Became involved in photography in 1974. Started doing small freelance jobs while I lived in Sparwood BC. Had some pictures published in the Fernie Free Press newspaper. Also had some photographs published in the company newsletter – working with the editor – Larry Stanwood. At the time, I was working as hardrock driller for Kaiser Resources – who operated an open-pit coal mine at Sparwood.

In 1976, I moved back to Calgary – where I hoped to find more opportunities. It was a difficult period to get established – worked at Heritage Park doing maintenance – to photographing Alberta Premier Peter Lougheed for Fortune Magazine.

Eventually got a few photo assignments from Alberta Gas Trunk Line. The company later changed their name to Nova.

Ended up working for their Art Dept, producing slides for their AV shows. Also became connected to the Art Dept at Petro Canada – and also produced their slides. These two companies kept me very busy.

I worked pretty hard to keep my clients happy and had a positive ‘can do’ attitude.

There was one period of 7 days – where I only managed to get 10 hours sleep. Not recommended… 🙂

By 1978, I had already met the famous photographer – Robin Perry – who gave a talk at the Palliser Hotel in Calgary. In 1979 – I flew to Connecticut and attended his week long Creative Color Workshop.

Then in 1980, I moved to Vancouver – to explore my creative side of image making. That fall, after two failed attempts – I finally managed to get an exclusive stock photo contract with The Image Bank (TIB), then based in New York. They were the worlds best stock agency at the time.

I had a 20 year relationship with them, but when Getty purchased the company, I – for better or worse, decided not to sign the new contract (as did many others)…

In 1983, I created an image – that was published on the June cover of OMNI magazine. Here’s the [link] to the Tearsheets sub-page.

And from a stock sale made by TIB – one of my images was published on the cover – for a hardcover edition book on Computers – for National Geographic. Here’s the [link] to the Tearsheets sub-page.

Also had a German GEO magazine cover – which is also shown on the Tearsheet page.

In 1986, I worked with Peter Matthews and produced many custom images, that were used on posters and brochures – for EXPO 86. Here’s the [link] to the Tearsheets sub-page.

Started working with Nikon gear around 1975.

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Began shooting digital video with my Nikon D7000 in 2011. Also started to use DaVinci Resolve, for editing and color-grading.

Update Jun-01-2015

After watching which cameras were released at the NAB 2015 show, I then decided to buy the Black Magic Design – Ursa camera.

Apr-28-2015. Received the 4k URSA camera shipped from B&H.

Jul-04-2015. Received the Came-TV Steadicam unit.

Dec-05-2015. B&H finally shipped the Black Magic Design Electronic View Finder and the Zoom F8 Field Recorder.

Dec-23-2015. Received the CineGear wireless Follow Focus kit.

Feb-07-2016. Ready to start building a platform to hold a Nikon 800mm f5.6 lens + 2X Teleconverter + Ursa camera…

Feb-21-2016. First day shooting with the Ursa + 800mm rig…

May-02-2016. The Atoch C2S unit is current being shipped, along with two Samsung 850 Pro SSDs. The URSA will now have 2TB of recording media.