Millarville Racetrack – Canada Day Jul-01-2017


Millarville_Racetrack Jul-01-2017


On Tue, Jul-01-2017, I again attended the Millarville Racetrack, to take in the “Canada Day” festivities.


Took 6 quick handheld shots – with the Nikon D7000.


Finally had some time on Nov-15-2017, to work on these images and make a 180 degree panoramic image, using Photoshop.


The final image was 12,976 x 3,376 pixels.


Since I didn’t use my Panorama Head on a tripod, Photoshop did a nice job overall, but had some trouble with mis-matched images in the foreground.


The image was made smaller for this posting – to 2400 x 624.


The day was lovely, but dark clouds slowly moved in. Some drizzle started during the last horse race, and heavy rain thereafter….


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