Collection of my photographs…



The facilities cover for CESL (Cominco Engineering Services Ltd).




Photographed the building where CESL had their offices, warehouse and testing facilities.




My bubble image was displayed in the center.




We had a large plexi-glass tank made, that was then filled with water. At one end, there was a compressing collar – that we could then push through the various types of pipe.


The pipe end outside the tank – was then connected to an air hose. Each pipe had a unique design that could produce different types of bubbles.




There are certain types of mining operations where the desired material could be made to float to the top of the processing tank – then slimmed off. In this laboratory test, various factors are studied to see which combination produces the best result.




A lab technician tests ore samples which came from mines around the world.




A 20 foot tall plastic column is used for testing.




A lab technician takes reading of a sample, that was produced in the mixing tanks.




An engineer works at the computer designing a refinery.




One of my bubble images was reproduced on another brochure cover – titled VOScell.