Collection of my photographs used on Front or Back covers…



I photographed the two Jacob’s Creek wine bottles. It appeared in the inside back cover of the BCL (British Columbia Liquor) Guide magazine.




My ‘Circuit Board Box with Earth’ image was used by Dun & Bradstreet for a brochure cover.




My ‘Hand with Syringe’ was used on the Endotoxin Cover.




My ‘Fireworks’ image was used by Felix (I think it’s a hotel in Spain).




My ‘Man and Bulb’ image was used by Bill Gibson on a cover for training tapes.




My ‘Computer Chip Package on a Wafer’ image was used on a brochure cover by Hewlett Packard.




My ‘Man and Spiral’ image was used by Dr Dennis Waitley, for the cover on a set of audio training tapes.




One of my early experiments in grid generation was used by Lonestruktu – Sveriges Verkstadsindustrier from Sweden.




I photographed this gear at the PREP warehouse – located in Surrey BC. It was used as a brochure cover.




My ‘Man and Light Rays’ image was used by PSA (Public Systems Associates), on a brochure cover.




My ‘Man and Spiral’ image was used by Dr Lee Pulos – on a audio cassette cover, for a self-hypnosis program to achieve weight loss.




My ‘Circuit Board Box and Earth’ image was used by Rockwell International on a brochure cover.




My ‘Man and Light Rays’ image was used for Seth Speaks – an audio cassette cover.




Spencer Press used my ‘Lighthouse’ image for an advertisement, that appeared on the back cover of Catalog Age trade magazine.

The lighthouse was photographed in Key West – Florida.




My ‘Crystal Ball and Cube’ image, was used on a music CD cover for Stratovarius – titled ‘DreamSpace’.




Received an assignment from Bucyrus Erie, to photograph a walking-dragline, which was operating in an open-pit coal mine, near Lake Wabamun – Alberta. About 30 miles directly west of Edmonton Alberta.




TIB (The Image Bank) stock picture agency – Toronto office, ran an advertisement on the back cover of Studio Magazine (Toronto Ontario).


My ‘Man in Tunnel’ image was featured on the page, along with smaller images by Al Satterwhite, Pete Turner and Mitchell Funk.


I was with TIB from 1980 until 2000. The contract offered by Getty Images – when they purchased TIB, along several other independent stock picture agencies, caused grief to many contributing photographers.


For better or worse – I decided to hold back signing the new contract.