My photographs appeared in numerous Expo86 print media…



Photographed the Expo Ernie robot at my studio. Having a list of city and town names, I made an image of it and then projected the graphic onto the robot.




I don’t have any images on this cover. part 1 of 3.




My ‘Anik D Satellite and Earth’ image was placed in the corner. I also created the IMAX theater image with one plane of the Snowbirds streaking off the screen. Part 2 of 3.




I created the entire background image of the Canada Pavilion photographed at sunset, along with the streaking clouds and the color transition at the bottom. I finally got all the elements exposed correctly on the 37th sheet of 8×10 Kodak duplicating film – which was then submitted to the client. Part 3 of 3.




It took a bit of work to create this image. Besides doing multiple exposures of a cut-out model, I had to add some color abstractions – since the building was still under construction – and it needed to somehow look finished…




My ‘Anik D Satellite and Earth’ image was also used on the cover of this brochure.




A large poster was made of my image.




This image took a bit of work to create. The downtown core of Vancouver was photographed at dusk, from the roof of a hotel on Kingway. A wind storm also happened while I was on the roof, trying to shoot. Had to quickly rope everything down, since I was at the edge.

Additional exposures were also made as I zoomed the city lights.

Back in my apartment, I recreated the mountain range in the background – adding the blue glow to the original exposure of the city. Using my pin-registered Nikon F3 camera, I then added more multiple exposures of the fireworks in my custom-made optical printer, the stars and then the streaks of the city lights. This is what the final 35mm film looked like.




This image took a bit of work to create. I was given the task of combining the 3 main elements – that were supplied to me. I had to make masks which were then pin-registered in my optical printer and multiple exposures made. When I finally got the main design done, I then added my custom star field to the background (which required another mask).

The creation of the stars came from a setup I designed. A 20×30 inch piece of black plastic,  was placed over a 20×30 custom built lightbox – and powered by two Vivitar electronic flash units.  It took about 6 months of work (done years earlier) to finally have a star field that looked natural – and this was made by poking tiny holes into the plastic by hand with a needle. There was approximately 100 holes per square inch – which works out to a total count of 60,000.

All this photo manipulation was done – way before photoshop even existed…




This was another major brochure package, which consisted of a heavier bond jacket, into which the main booklet was inserted into. The 3 images showing above, were ones that I made. This is part 1 of 9.

The Art Director I worked for – was Peter Matthews. I still have some of the rough paper sketches, that we worked on for the various poster and brochure layouts – and these were usually a few black wiggly-lines drawn quickly onto plain white paper… :)

I found a website by Duane Burnett that contains a [page] describing some of the early design work, that eventually became Expo86.




The ‘Rocket Combo’ image was used on the front cover of the jacket. Part 2 of 9.




My ‘Earth and Flags’ image was used on the jacket’s back cover. Part 3 of 9.




I created another image using a model of the downtown Vancouver core and the Expo grounds. Using multiple exposures in the pin-registered Nikon F3, I added the fireworks, the mountain glow and the stars – all onto a single piece of 35mm film. Part 4 of 9.




I created this photo-montage of the plane, a computer and the streaks. Part 5 of 9.




My ‘Fireworks Zoom’ image was reproduced on the insert cover. Part 6 of 9.




My ‘Earth and Flags’ image was reproduced again on the insert back cover. Part 7 of 9.




I created this image for one of the pages inside the Insert Brochure. Part 8 of 9.




Created this image for one of the pages inside the Insert Brochure. Part 9 of 9.




I happened to receive this magazine in the mail – a supplement from the Government of Canada. My ‘Canada Pavilion’ image was reproduced on both covers.

I don’t recall ever receiving any additional income from this usage. Oh well – too late now… :)