I’ve been an ‘on and off again‘ member of CAPIC (Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators). The head office is located in Toronto, Ontario – with several chapters scattered across Canada.


Their mission is somewhat similar to the group in the USA called ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers). I had joined ASMP back in the early 1980′s – being sponsored by photographers: Robin Perry in Connecticut and Bill Staley from North Vancouver BC.



In the early 1990′s, I volunteered to be the Treasurer of the Vancouver Chapter – and somehow ended up doing this task for 5 years. No one wanted to rise their hand – each time the AGM rolled around… :)


Both memberships were put on hold – back in 1996, in an attempt to cut overhead while I tried to write in Java – a software program about Resolution. Having moved back to Calgary to stay with family and after 6~ years and thousands of hours of coding, I couldn’t find the energy to do the 5th rewrite. The 4th version only took a year to do.  Had sold a lot of photo equipment earlier to have extra funds to live on – with the hope that it would all be replaced when my software would start selling. I got tired of being broke all the time, my stock picture sales eventually reached zero, so I started doing handyman projects to survive.


Maybe one day, I’ll create a short video of how my program worked…


All the chapters all try to publish some sort of monthly newsletter for the local members, and this particular issue had a small write-up about me.




At the time, I had a studio space on Homer Street, near Helmcken (in the now trendy area of Yaletown – Vancouver BC).


First Image Group was a small company run by Mike Peredo and Ross Cameron. They supplied graphic solutions and were a few blocks away. Ended up purchasing from them, a high-end graphics video card from AT&T called Truevision AT-Vista. Think I paid about $10,000 for this card. I still have it sitting in storage – back in Alberta. An expensive memento from the early days… :)


I see there was one for sale at eBay, for $55.


Back then, most people would try to get the Targa video card – which was much cheaper than the ATVista model.


I also ordered a Howtek 35mm film scanner, along with software from Truevision called Vista Tips and Vista RIO. These programs cost me $3,500 and $3,700 – respectively.


Perhaps a few months later, I drove down to Seattle for an ASMP meeting. They also had a raffle that night and I ended up winning a new paint program made by Aldus called PhotoStyler. Eventually Adobe purchased Aldus and I could only assume – that parts of the program’s code got amalgamated into the new Photoshop.


First Image would occasionally send out newsletters and in this one – they included a small write-up about what I was doing…