Collection of images published by OMNI magazine.


I made the image using various studio setups and with my optical printer. The full moon was shot from the porch of the house I lived in – which was on Davie Street (Vancouver BC).


After I got the Kodachrome film back from the Kodak lab, I decided to send one of the transparencies to Omni magazine in New York. Within a few days, they called – saying that they would like to use it on the cover.




This is the cover blurb that appeared inside the issue. I think there’s a note somewhere which contains the rough draft of text – which they used as the basis of the final copy wording.




The Art Director was Elizabeth Woodson. I found this picture of her – in one of the preceding issues. It probably was an announcement by the publisher, that they just hired a new art director.


I remember calling [Pete Turner] in New York city, to get his opinion about my pending sale.  Several of his images were already on Omni covers (including their very first issue), so I was to bound to get some good advice… :)


Found a [website] in early Sep-2011, that lists all the publications that Omni produced.


If you look at the issues listed for 1983, you’ll see my cover.




The magazine’s Art Director – Elizabeth Woodson – submitted the cover to ADC (Art Directors Club) in New York city.




I received this postcard from ADC – an invitation to attend the 63rd awards gala being held at the Roseland in NYC. Had to borrow some money from family to help cover expenses for the plane trip and hotel. This was the only time that I’ve ever rented a tuxedo, for a event.




This is the only award I’ve ever received for my work.




My ‘Earth and Moon’ image was used for an Omni promotion, that announced their 5th year of publication.




I met a jewelry maker who invited me to visit his workshop – located in the basement of his house in West Vancouver.


Also met his wife – who happened to have a meteorite collection stored in a wooden jewelry box. There was one item that was extremely interesting – so I asked her whether I could photograph it. I took it back to the small one-room apartment, that I had on Davie Street (Vancouver BC) and spent a few days figuring out how to shoot it.


Once I got the Kodachrome film back from the lab, I decided to submit one of the images to Omni magazine. A short time later, they called and said they were interested in publishing it on their Phenomena page.




A close-up shot of the blurb – that appeared along side the meteorite image.




My ‘Head Cloud’ image was published in a small catalog that Omni magazine published.