Ursa camera + Nikon 1,600 mm lens combo

Mid February-2016,  I purchased a piece of aluminum, from a metal supply shop in Calgary. It was 12 inches wide, 48 inches long and 1/2 inch thick. Weight = 28.224 lbs…


Ursa + 1600mm Nikon


After a few days of looking and thinking, I finally had a vision of what had to be done. It took a few evenings to get the final shape. The ends are still 12 inches wide, but the length was now shortened to 31 inches.


After making careful measurements – a small offset plate was needed to sit under the camera. This would then allow the lens to align properly with the camera mount.


Various holes were then precisely marked and drilled and the 4 legs finally attached.


The 3/8-16 bolt for the camera and the 1/4-20 bolt for the lens – have to be inserted upwards – thru the rig. The legs give a 5 inch gap – plenty of room for the hands to work.


The gear head gives me fine control for lining up a shot. I then tighten the two support rods – that are also attached to the Gitzo’s tripod legs.


I have four C stands purchased from B&H, so I use a couple of the 40″ arms with gripheads.


The 160 Wh battery is made by Ikan – available at B&H.


This setup is rock solid – and heavy… 🙂


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