Work-truck finally hits the road

It has taken many years, to slowly build up a good collection of tools. Most of the gear was in those Dewalt cases, and all these were stored in my motor-home. It didn’t leave much room. My 1994 GMC Safari mini-van was too small to hold all the gear. By summer of 2016, I started to search for a better work-truck.


The 2nd one I looked at – was in Medicine Hat, Alberta. On Aug-13th, I paid cash for a 1988 GMC Grumman 1 ton step van.


The distance from the engine’s doghouse – to the back doors, is 17 feet.


I worked on it most everyday for the next 4 months.  By mid December, I had to replace the gas tank and fuel pump assembly. A new fuel filter only lasted a week. The insides of the old tank were covered with rust, along with sand and gravel…!




Interior view. Used 324 feet of angle-iron to build all the shelves.


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