Zoom F8 audio recorder setup

Doing a layout of the Zoom F8 and Zoom FRC Controller.


Finally got the “Cooper SoundBoard” finished today.


Picked up the 1 meter (39 inch) long Hirose cable, from my sister’s place in Calgary yesterday.


The Alvin cable purchased on eBay, took 29 days to arrive…:(


This cable has a Male Hirose connector at both ends. I then cut the cable in two. The 9 inch long piece plugs into the Zoom FRC – with spade female connectors soldered on and connects to the terminal block.


The remained 30 inch cable – plugs into the Zoom F8. The other end has a DC male push-in connector soldered in. A short wire then connects the DC female to the terminal block.


Underneath the F8 – there’s a quick release plate and holder – which is sitting on a ball-n-socket. Very easy to adjust the angle of the F8.


It takes about 4 seconds to remove the F8 and put it into the soundbag…




The FRC and USB keyboard were ordered on Oct-14 on Amazon.com


Picked up a 12 volt DC gooseneck light with a XLR end – at Long & Mcquade music store in Calgary.


A Power-Sonic 12 volt, 10.5 Ah gel cell battery was purchased from B&E Electronics in Calgary. It is attached in the center of the soundboard with velco, and is meant to permanently live there. It weighs 7.2 lbs.


The keyboard and FRC are also attached with velco.


A scrap piece of 5/8 inch plywood, was cut with a jigsaw to 12×13 inches. It was then sanded, and a couple coats of spray paint were applied. Four rubber feet were added underneath.




Getting two more 12 volt gel cells that are a lot smaller. One will sit in the soundbag and connect to the Hirose cable – going to the F8. For when I’m moving around, and can’t carry the soundboard along. The 2nd battery will be a spare.




The F8 uses 12 watts, the FRC uses 2.5 watts and the keyboard about 0.5 watts = 15 watts total


This works out to 1.25 amps, and running off the 10.5 Ah battery – it should last 8.4 hours. A bit less, if I also use the work light under dark conditions… 🙂




Links to the above mentioned items, can be provided if anyone is interested…


Zoom F8, Zoom FRC, Keyboard and gel cell battery. Finished unit.


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