Motorized Tripod Dolly

Searching the internet about camera movement – I tried the phrase motion control curved track. Viewing the search results in Images mode, I found a few interesting pictures at Getting a camera to move around an object – can become a big production ...Read More

6 Channel Motor-Mixing Console

Here’s an image of my first camera slider – built in Burnaby BC, back in Feb-2011. Eight roller-blade wheels attached to a small platform, that one could move by hand. This assembly could roll back and forth on a 8 foot long – 2×10 ...Read More

Modification – Deadbolt

Here’s a recent project, about fixing the deadbolts on two steel doors – in a horse arena. A couple days ago, I finished writing the script for the voice-over. Used a laundry table ledge – in the shop, to hold the recording gear – ...Read More

Modification – Smith Backpack

I needed some sort of secure harness – to hold the Petrol Soundbag. A good place to start looking > Then click on the “Images” tab. Lots of designs to consider… Versa-flex have a few models. Price range: $154.95 to $225.45 LocationSound ...Read More

Modification – Mackie HM-4

Purchased this 4-way headphone amplifier in May-2019. It will be mounted in the back corner of my ‘Soundboard’ – getting the required 12 volts DC from the PowerSonic battery. However – this unit doesn’t have a power switch…! So I opened up the case, ...Read More

Modification – Aputure Remote

I purchased the Aputure AP-TR3N Remote Shutter Release Timer/Intervalometer – a few years ago. This model connects to a Nikon D7000. Used it for some sunset and sunrise timelapse sequences – of the Calgary skyline. The only problem it has – no power switch…! ...Read More

Modification – Cooper work apron

Been doing contract work for a local company, here in Millarville. May-07-2019 was my 5th year. Over the past few years, most of the projects – now focus on fixing machinery, design and fabrication. Working with steel – cutting, grinding, torching and welding – ...Read More