1994 Red MG Convertible – 360º Pano

Using PTgui Pro, I made a 360º panorama a few years ago – at a large outdoor car show – held at VanDusen Botanical Gardens, in Vancouver BC Canada.

This 1994 Red MG Convertible (Morgan Plus 4) – is owned by Malcohm Sparrow. When the panorama loads, he is seen standing in front of his car – wearing a baseball cap and talking to his friends.

© KenCooper.ca - All Rights Reserved

Here’s the > link < to this 360 degree panorama…

It quickly loads a low resolution version. There are 14 hi-res panels in this spherical panorama. Each one is 2070 x 2070 pixels and range in size from 2 to 4mb. These are inserted one at time – and it might take a minute or so – before all are loaded.

I also added a mp3 file – for background effects. Press the Play arrow if it doesn’t auto-start.

And pressing the Full-Screen button – produces the best effect…

The following are some detail shots of the car…

© KenCooper.ca - All Rights Reserved

© KenCooper.ca - All Rights Reserved

© KenCooper.ca - All Rights Reserved


  1. @ Max: Your comment is well-said… Ken has often been, not to put it lightly, an inspiration to me, not just with his images, but with his amazing resourcefulness in conquering those everyday challenges in technology, photography, and life 🙂

  2. I’ve known Ken Cooper since the early 80s. He’s always amazed me with his ever-growing photographic skills and ability to turn the mundane into something brilliant.

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