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A few thoughts on reCAPTCHA ‘robots’…

Back in early May-2019, I was going to take a quick look at one of my regular goto sites >


For some unknown reason (and it has happened only once), I was sent to this page >


This was the message >

Our system thinks you might be a robot!

We’re really sorry about this, but it’s getting harder and harder to tell the difference between humans and bots these days.

Please complete the captcha below to prove you’re a human and proceed to the page you’re trying to reach.

A reCAPTCHA test graphic.

I clicked in the empty reCAPTCHA box – to confirm that I am NOT a ‘robot’.

If that wasn’t enough, I was then presented with a bunch of characters, with various amounts of compression – all having some random rotation…

An empty text field was waiting for my response…

Decided to try entering a longer sentence. Maybe the ‘algorithm’ would be smart enough – to see what I was doing…

Here were some of my entries >

  • Looks like your antenna picked up my transmission signal… 🙁
  • If you had a “differential computer” – you wouldn’t have this problem…!
  • Your system needs better integration – with our system…
  • My friend ‘Watson’ – said I could do it…
  • Evolution is fraught with obstacles…
  • How can I proceed – when I don’t know the page that I haven’t seen yet…?
  • You’re sorry! If I try harder – will you be unsorry…?
  • If you have a vision problem – maybe it’s time to see a eye doctor…!
  • I am not a robot… bot… bot… bot… bot…
  • You know – we have the same problem. Sometimes we can’t tell humans apart… 🙂
  • Instead of typing some useless captcha – can’t I just send you my DNA…?

Needless to say – but none of my long ‘guesses’ were correct… 🙁

There’s a slim chance that all these responses are saved to some log file. Then a coding professional – might read them one day and have a chuckle…

Mind you – with billions of these ‘tests’ being generated everyday, it seems unlikely that anyone would ever get a ‘chuckle’…

Maybe it’s time – for someone to make a website, that just caters to ‘robots’. It will give them something better to do – rather than wreak havoc on websites made for humans…

On the other hand – let the ‘robot’ visit a science related website. If it helps them get ‘smarter’ – all the better… 🙂

Over the past several years, there seems to be a growing push to advance AI research.

Plus I’m getting tired of first having to perform a ‘test’, just to visit a website >

  • Matching letters
  • Looking for buses
  • Looking for crosswalks
  • Looking for store fronts
  • Looking for traffic lights
  • Looking for cars
  • Looking for bicycles
  • Looking for fire hydrants

How about something more creative and challenging?

  • Spot the difference between apples and oranges
  • Find the worst solder joint – on a PCB
  • Select the correct contents of Pandora’s Box

Got an idea – to make the following weCatchYa image >

A weCATCHYA test graphic.

This graphic was done just for fun. No ill will is implied, expressed or suggested, against the non-human sub-culture…

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