The arrow points to my home base → Calgary Alberta Canada.

Currently live on a farm, near the Millarville RaceTrack. About 20 km SW from the southern end of the city…

World Map illustration. © KenCooper.ca - All Rights Reserved.

Ken Cooper self-portrait, done in Vancouver BC.

Besides Robin Perry – there were a few other photographers, who had an impact on me.

Walter Petrigo.

Ozzie Sweet – have his AV production of “How I Sold 1700 Magazine Covers”.

Burt Stern.

Ben Rose – his work with motion.

Pete Turner.

When possible, I produce stock footage – for the Dissolve Stock agency.

There’s a link in the SideBar…

However, my main source of income for the past several years – is doing handyman contract work…

First video production: 1080x720p mp4
Runtime: 28 min, 25 sec
Client: Bankers Petroleum – Calgary, Alberta
Event: 1st Annual BBQ
Date: Aug-17-2013
Location: an acreage near the village of De Winton, Alberta (south of Calgary)
Status: Off-line.

Location footage shot in British Columbia and Alberta (Western Canada).

Editing and Grading: DaVinci Resolve
Runtime: 4 min, 23 sec
Background sound track: Cowboy Coffee
Licensed from: SmartSound.com
Posted on YouTube: Aug-12-2019

This link opens a new window on YouTube > ShowReel – Location footage

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