Clamp-Down Receiver Hitch – Forklift

Receiver hitch on 8 inch blade of lumber yard forklift.

I sold the first one – to Rona in Black Diamond, a few months ago.

They use 3 forklifts (all with 8 inch blades) in the Lumber Yard.

They also needed a secure method, to quickly move various types of wheeled equipment in the rental department.

So I came up with this final design.

Just slip it over the tip of one of the blades and clamp it down.

Decided to make two more matching units.

Perhaps other lumber yards could use this same solution.

Each unit weighs 33lb (15 kg).

Overall length is 18 inches. The outside height is 2 inches.

The inner gap is 1 inch high and 8.25 inches wide.

The 0.5 inch rebar handles are 8 inches long.

This 2 inch receiver – will accept a variety of hitches.

Each unit sells for $400 cash and I will deliver – within the Calgary area.

Various steel parts for building the Receiver Hitch.

Bottom plate was tack welded with the mig. Now using 1 inch blocks to position the top plate.
Drilling a 7/8 inch hole thru the top plate. Two 3/4 inch nuts will be welded over the holes.
Drilling hole thru top plate.
Bare steel metal was cleaned with Acetone, ready to apply gray primer.
Waiting for the two hitch units to dry.
Each unit receiver, had four holes drilled. They were then tapped for 8-32 thread.Drill 8-32
A 2 inch square plate of aluminum was stamped. Stainless steel washers were placed underneath  to create an air gap.
Two finished units.

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