Harry Jerome – the long run…

Statue of Harry Jerome - Stanley Park, Vancouver BC Canada.

This was the first set of bracketed images, photographed on Jun-15-2008.

Started shooting around 10pm.

The combination image above, shows the original 5 different views – each shot at 8 seconds. The Nikon was on a tripod and 3 exposures were made of each view: 2, 4 and 8 seconds – for a total of 15 shots.

Two days later, I combined each set of 3 – into a HDR image. Then all 5 HDR images were combined to make a 180 degree panorama. I didn’t like the result, so I quit working on it…!

The mistake I made at the time, was starting the series of shots at the statue, then slowly moving to the right – for the next 2 scenes. I then had to move the camera all the way to the left, shooting my way back – towards the center.

And in the space of 10~ minutes of shooting, the intensity of the sunset has dropped, and there was a bad density difference between images 2 and 3…

Wasn’t able to find a solution to this problem, so I stopped working on the sequence.

Statue of Harry Jerome - Stanley Park, Vancouver BC Canada.

Decided to reshoot this particular view again – a week later, on Jun-22-2008 around 10pm.

This time, I started shooting from the left side. The sky turned out better, but I still didn’t like this test shot either. And I didn’t bother to fix the color balance, which was too blue.

And there were people on the grass, taking pictures. The long exposures along with their movement, made most of them blurry…

Statue of Harry Jerome - Stanley Park, Vancouver BC Canada.

In Nov-2017, I decided to try reworking – the first set of original images.

Had to wait 9 years – for the graphics technology to improve…:)

A new master image was made having 9,760 x 3,568 pixels. This 3rd panoramic image was then down-sized for this post – to 1200 x 439 (12% of the master).

This 9-foot bronze statue of Olympian “Harry Winston Jerome” (1940-1982), is  called ‘The Runner’ and was created by sculptor “Jack Kenneth Harman” (1927-2001).

It is located in Stanley Park – Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Harry was born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Because of his accomplishments – in 1970, he was made an “Officer of the Order of Canada”. He died of a brain aneurysm in Dec-1982, at age 42.

He was the first person, to hold world records for both the 100-yard and 100-meter races.

1960 World Record 100 m: 10.0 (tied record of Armin Hary)
1960 Olympic Games 100 m Canadian team member
1961 World Record 100 yds: 9.3
1961 Canadian Simon Games 100 yds: 2nd 9.7
1962 World Record 100 yds: 9.2
1963 World Record 60 yds Indoor: 6.0
1964 Summer Olympics 100 m: 3rd 10.2 / 200 m: 4th 20.7
1966 World Record 100 yds: 9.1
1966 Commonwealth Games 100 yds: 1st 9.4
1967 Pan American Games 100 m 1st 10.2
1968 Summer Olympics 100 m: 7th 10.2

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