Midwest Pipelines – construction project near Millarville, Alberta

This is a test image – that I got done today. The original Nikon image size was shot at 5,600 x 3,727 pixels. Each unique composition had multiple exposures – which were blended with Photomatix Pro – to create a HDR tif image.

More tweaking was done in Adobe ACR, then the image was loaded into Topaz Video AI. This image was then down-sized to 850 x 566 – and converted to jpg, in Adobe Photoshop.

Been driving around the past few days, trying to find interesting views from what I could see on public roads. The weather has not been ideal, with lots of cloud cover and smoke…

Hope to add more images to this post, as time permits.

The above section of pipeline – is about 4.4 km NW of Millarville. This photograph was taken on 290 Ave – with the view looking South.

I then moved the truck to the other side of the road, with the camera now looking North.

From this location, I’ve seen the pipeline going South – with a major connection being made at the Turner Valley Compressor Station, which is about 4.14 km NW of Turner Valley.

From 290 Ave to the Compressor Station – is about 11 km. Here’s a screen shot of this particular area. One could assume the pipeline is “not” laid out – as a crow would fly… 🙂

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