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Modification – Aputure Remote

I purchased the Aputure AP-TR3N Remote Shutter Release Timer/Intervalometer – a few years ago. This model connects to a Nikon D7000.

Used it for some sunset and sunrise timelapse sequences – of the Calgary skyline.

The only problem it has – no power switch…!

Here’s a few comments from Amazon – mentioning the same problem…

Last Dec-2018, I decided to finally fix that… 🙂

Took it apart and studied the situation. To find a ‘tiny’ switch that would fit in the remaining space in the bottom – was going to be difficult.

After cutting the connecting battery lead in the middle and making two 90 degree bends, there wasn’t much room left.

So I decided not to fight a losing battle. The solution was to simply place the off/on switch on top. Had some small toggle switches in my parts drawer, so one was used. Drilled two small holes thru the plastic, pushed the wires in and soldered them to the bend leads.

Power swtch added to Aputure Remote.

Put the cover back on and folded the switch up and over…

Power switch added to Aputure Remote.

Used some JB Weld. The adhesive cured overnight…

Close-up of power switch.

Perhaps not the prettiest of hacks, but it works great… 🙂

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