Modification – Deadbolt

Here’s a recent project, about fixing the deadbolts on two steel doors – in a horse arena.

A couple days ago, I finished writing the script for the voice-over. Used a laundry table ledge – in the shop, to hold the recording gear – Zoom F8 with Rode NTG3 mic + Fethead Phantom.

Managed to get 12 takes.

Recording a voice-over script for the deadbolt video.

Worked on the images and audio – and here’s the video, that got uploaded today >

The video talks about one door being worked on. After the first one was installed, it took a few days – before I could get two pull-handles from Rona in Black Diamond and then actually build another unit. It was then installed on the second door – on the back side of the arena, along with the riveted handles on both doors…

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