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Modification – Petrol PS607 Soundbag

I purchased a Petrol soundbag from B&H Photo – a few years ago. This bag is used to hold the Zoom F8 sound recorder.

The bag came with a shoulder strap, but this isn’t the best way to work.

One needs some sort of harness to hold the bag in position. I eventually found a solution…

When the bag was attached to the vest, no matter which top D-ring was used (front, middle or rear), the bag just kept sagging. It needed some rigid support. After some deliberation, I decided to construct an inner frame. Started looking for some thin metal rod.

Found this >

Steel store display rack.

Someone had thrown it out. It’s a steel metal rack with 13 shelves or layers. Was probably used as a store display unit – perhaps holding various floor tile samples or somesuch…

It stands about 48 inches tall and about 17 inches wide. The rod was 3/16 of an inch in diameter. Perfect…

Used a zip blade to cut the top layer off. It was its own frame already – measuring 25 inches long and 8 inches wide.

I made some measurements of the inside dimensions of the soundbag. Now that I had some numbers, I needed to bend both sides of this long frame – at the same time – eventually to look like a box. I sure didn’t want to weld 11 separate pieces of rod – to make this shape.

The solution was to extend sideways – the clamping power of a vise (using 2 pieces of angle iron and a vise-grip). Marked both sides of the rods and positioned the frame into the ‘bending vise’. Image shown below >

Steel frame clamped into a vise, ready for heat and bending.

I then used an oxy-acetylene torch, pointed right at the pinch points. Getting the rods red-hot, made it easy to bend back 90 degrees, with a gloved hand.

The bottom of this frame – was already joined. So I would need to make 3 separate bends – each with a specific length. The top end of the rods, would come around and meet back at the beginning. There were a few inches cut off the top end – to achieve the correct lengths for each section.

Frame clamped in a vise - welding completed.

The Red Arrows point to the two separate 7.5 inch rods – that were attached inside the bent corners – with the mig welder. The Yellow Arrows are where the 3rd bend ended up – touching the starting position. Those connection points were also welded.

Here’s the newly welded frame – sitting in front of the Petrol bag. Not having that top-front horizontal rod, makes for better access – when the front flap of the bag is opened (unzippered).

Welded frame in front of the Petrol soundbag.

Next step was a coat of gray primer spray paint…

You might notice that the ‘top’ is a little narrower than the ‘bottom’.

Soundbag frame getting a coat of gray primer.

Here’s the painted frame – ready to be inserted into the Petrol bag…

Red painted frame ready to be inserted into the Petrol soundbag.

It was a tight fit, getting the nylon fabric stretched over this frame. The height could have been 1/4 inch shorter… 🙂

But it worked. Now the bag has some ‘structure’ and shape. All the Hook&Loop inserts were put back inside. The audio recorder is now nicely protected…

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