1994 Red MG Convertible – 360º Pano

Using PTgui Pro, I made a 360º panorama a few years ago – at a large outdoor car show – held at VanDusen Botanical Gardens, in Vancouver BC Canada. This 1994 Red MG Convertible (Morgan Plus 4) – is owned by Malcohm Sparrow. When the ...Read More

Robin Perry – Photographer & Author (1917–2005)

I first came across his name around 1974 – from some newsletters [pictures pending] that I received from Dexter Press – a company that specialized in Color PostCards. Here’s a forum discussion about the original Dexter Press. RReardon’s post on Sep-08-2013 mentions his grandfather, Thomas ...Read More

Website Relaunch with new Theme – WordPress

Figured it was time to do an update > Dec-25-2016… This image (1024×768.png) was downloaded from the WordPress.org Logo depository. I started to experiment with the downloaded image and eventually came up with this WordPress logo illustration… ...Read More