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Collection of images published inside books or magazines…

Received an assignment from Fortune Magazine (NYC), to provide images for a story they were doing- about natural resources (petroleum and potash) in western Canada.

I photographed the then Premier of Alberta – Peter Lougheed – in Calgary.

I then flew to Regina Saskatchewan and photographed Elwood Cowley – who had an office in the Parliament Buildings.

Published in the August 1976 issue.

My Man and Spiral image was used inside a hardcover book about health – that was published by Readers Digest.

Received an assignment from Pacific Palisades Hotel (Vancouver BC Canada) – to photograph Robert “Bob” McGlashan, who was arriving by plane at AirBC. He was the Senior Vice-President, British Columbia Division of the Bank of Montreal.

My photograph was reproduced in their in-house publication – Pacific Horizons.

My image of Montreal – was used for an article announcing the annual fall meeting, in a Sep-1991 trade magazine published by NFPA (National Fire Protection Association). Their website has the following tag line: “the authority on fire, electrical and building safety”.

My Computer Chip Package on a Silicon Wafer image, was used in a Kodak book about 35mm photography.

Used Balcar flash equipment and a Nikon F3 camera, the image exposed onto Kodak Kodachrome film.

My Silicon Wafer image was used in a Kodak book about using accessory equipment. The wafer was lit with Balcar flash, captured on Kodak Kodachrome film with a Nikon F3 camera.

My Bay Bridge (San Francisco CA USA) image was used in an article by CFO – about the trucking industry and fleet management.

My Silicon Wafer image was used to start Chapter 3 in a book – by West Publishing Co (St Paul MN USA), called BASIC Programming Today – A Structured Approach by author Steven L Mandell.

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