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Collection of images published by OMNI magazine.

I made the image using various studio setups and with my optical printer. The full moon was shot from the porch of the house I lived in – which was on Davie Street (Vancouver BC).

After I got the Kodachrome film back from the Kodak lab, I decided to send one of the transparencies to OMNI Magazine in New York City. Within a few days, they called – saying that they would like to use it on the cover…!

It was published on the June 1983 issue.

Of all the covers published – I was the only Canadian to make the list.

This is the cover blurb – that appeared inside the issue. I think there’s a note somewhere which contains the rough draft of text I made – which they used as the basis of the final copy wording.

The Art Director was Elizabeth Woodson. I found this picture of her – in one of the preceding issues. It probably was an announcement by the publisher, that they just hired a new art director.

I remember calling Pete Turner (1934-2017) in New York City, to get his opinion – about my pending sale. Several of his images were already on OMNI covers (including their very first issue), so I was to bound to get some good advice…

The magazine’s Art Director – Elizabeth Woodson – submitted the cover to ADC (Art Directors Club) in New York City.

I received this postcard from ADC – an invitation to attend the 63rd awards gala, being held at the Roseland in NYC. Had to borrow some money from family – to help cover expenses for the plane trip and hotel. This was the only time that I’ve ever rented a tuxedo, for a event.

This is the award, I received for my work.

My Earth and Moon image was used for an OMNI promotion, that announced their 5th year of publication.

I met a jewelry maker who invited me to visit his workshop – located in the basement of his house in West Vancouver.

Also met his wife – who happened to have a meteorite collection stored in a wooden jewelry box. There was one item that was extremely interesting – so I asked her whether I could photograph it. I took it back to the small one-room apartment, that I had on Davie Street (Vancouver BC) and spent a few days figuring out how to shoot it.

Once I got the Kodachrome film back from the lab, I decided to submit one of the images to OMNI Magazine. A short time later, they called and said they were interested in publishing it – on their Phenomena page.

A close-up shot of the blurb – that appeared along side the meteorite image.

My Head Cloud image was published in a small catalog, that OMNI Magazine published.

Updated on Jun-30-2019

OMNI Magazine Index – Content Pages – Volume 5. See Jun-1983.

More info on the OMNI Magazine archive – from

More info on the magazine at Wiki.

A new OMNI website.

I had some vague memory – about an envelop image. Found this copy on Jun-30-2019 – sitting in an old Epson scanning folder. The date of the scan was Sep-24-2009. Just about 10 years ago…

And the original transparency is still in this envelop – which was post-marked: Apr-13-1983.

OMNI Magazine - return mail.

Back in Vancouver – during June 1983, I would walk around and see my cover, displayed in all the stores and bookshops. Had a feeling of pride and accomplishment.

When July came around, a new issue of OMNI appeared, replacing all copies of June’s issue. After a bit of research, I discovered that a magazine distributor in Richmond BC, deals with returning magazines or having them recycled.

I managed to get about a 100 copies of the Cover and Contents pages. They had a big cutting press – that simply sliced the stapled side off.

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