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Collection of various magazine spreads…

An assignment from Calgary Magazine, to produce a photo-illustration for a story called Love in Legalese – about the legal problems of Marriage Contracts. Published Feb-1980.

After gathering all the props, a setup was created and photographed in the basement of the family home – when we lived in Haysboro. Eleanor Yamchuk was the stylist. Dennis McNeil was the cartographer.

And I still have that I Love You But card – sitting in my files…

Received an assignment to create a photo-illustration – from Venture Magazine (Edmonton Alberta). The article was called {wanna get rich} and written by Will Gibson. Published June 2001.

My Street Flasher image shows a man (model: Dan Yamchuk) with his trench coat open – exposing a variety of financial bargains > Bearer Bonds, Stocks, etc.

I purchased the coat from a goodwill store, had various forms and stationery made at a print shop. A small computer crt monitor was gutted – to serve as a helmut/mask. An aluminum air filter screen was attached inside the monitor – to help represent noise. An cellular antenna was also attached to the side.

The basic image was finally photographed – just off Center Street, in the downtown core of Calgary. In late afternoon – we walked around the city streets – searching for a good location to shoot from. Security guards forced us off several properties. By then, an evening storm was approaching – with high wind gusts. Allan Yamchuk was the assistant – who helped hold the portable flash units and reflectors – as we quickly found a suitable view.

Once the transparency film was processed, the selected film frame was scanned, and I then used various digital tools – to remove and create the additional effects and elements.

A multitude of bubble ideas – float in the background and are slightly distorted, suggesting a twisted sense of reality.

His computer identity is camouflaged by digital interference – while using wireless communication networks. He stands in front of the yellow brick road and if you follow it, this journey could lead to untold riches. But the rat hole at the far end, indicates the true vermin that he is…

An assignment came from Runner’s World Magazine (based in California), to cover some research on the bodies reactions to cold. Compounds were tested and added to a chocolate bar, that could enhance a runners ability to perform better – in colder weather conditions.

Flew to Edmonton and went to the University of Alberta. Spent the day photographing various people, involved in the the project.

My Man on Dry-Lake image was used as a 2 page spread in a Subscription Advertisement for Longevity Magazine (part of OMNI Publications).

I was the nude model, in this sunrise shot on a dry-lake bed, in California USA.

My Computer Abstraction image was used as a 2 page spread – inside of Dacom Magazine.

My Fiber-Optic image was used on the front and back cover – for Contel.

My Man Tunnel image was used as an article opener – for Computer Entertainment Magazine.

I was the model for this shot…

A collection of my photographs – was published in Fall 1976 issue of Golden West Magazine. The article called You Wanna Be In the Movies? – was written by Mary Oman (Calgary Alberta).

Images were taken from movie shoots – done in Hanna and High River.

The family of John Scott – movie wrangler, is shown in the top right corner.

Laura Scott with Shawna, Shelly and Jody – on the Goldenrod set.

An assignment came from Motion Magazine (Toronto, Ontario) to do a ‘Behind the Scenes’ look at a movie project called Why Shoot the Teacher, being filmed – in and around the town of Hanna, Alberta.

The writer – Mary Oman (from Calgary, Alberta) and I, drove to the movie set to cover the story.

The two page spread of the train car – was my first centerfold.

The original 35mm photographs were shot in B&W. They all need to be properly re-scanned one day, but I found this small collection of old 300×200 scans sitting in my files.

These were some out-takes from the shoot…

Various location shots and portraits…

My 2nd assignment from Motion Magazine (Toronto, Ontario) to do a ‘Behind the Scenes’ look at a movie project called Goldenrod, being filmed in and around – the town of High River, Alberta.

The writer – Mary Oman (from Calgary, Alberta) and I, drove to the movie set – to cover the story.

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