Update to the “Cooper Soundboard” v2

This was a mock-up of the original Soundboard.


Once the design was worked out, the board was painted and the hardware was attached…

New v2 base.

The new base v2 – along side the old one v1.

Recently purchased 2 sets of the Sony UWP-D11 kits from B&H, so I had to find a way to add them to the Soundboard.

Once I had the proper size of the bottom area of the big Dewalt case, a new piece of 3/4 inch plywood was cut and painted.

It had to be a bit narrower and longer.

v2 size difference.

Ready to measure the height of the 1 inch square tubing. Ended up using a steel tube instead of aluminum.

I couldn’t go too high, since there had to be room for the tray…

Welded steel bracket to hold wireless receivers.

The welded steel bracket sitting on the new board.

Start adding velcro to board.

Ready to start adding velcro strips to hold the keyboard, and the 12 volt PowerSonic battery – that goes in the center.

More items attached to board.

More items added to the board. The velcro on the battery will hold the Zoom FRC-8 Remote Controller.

A new plastic box was added to hold the XLR socket light (12 volt), its switch, the main power switch and fuse. The v1 metal box worked – but was ugly… 🙂

Measuring the spacing to hold 4 receivers.

The bar has room for four wireless receivers. I currently have only two, so I’m using the 2 transmitters to help work out the spacing.

Taping 1/4-20 threads to hold the four cold-shoe clips.

Drilled 4 boles in the bar and now taping the 1/4-20 threads.

Drilling larger holes for the 4/40 screws.

The 4 SmallRig cold-shoe adapters came from Amazon – $8.90 for two. Each holder comes with a 1/4-20 center screw, and two 2.5/0.45 metric screws…!

After I purchased the metric tap and drill bits, I decided it was too much grief. It was better to drill out the smaller holes – and just use a 4/40 machine screw and nut…!

Used Blue Loctite on all the threads.

Completed v2 Soundboard.

The completed Soundboard.

Decided to add a swing-out bar, to hold the Sony MDR-7509HD headphones.

Soundboard sitting in big Dewalt case.

The finished Soundboard – fits perfectly into the case. Nothing has to be taken apart – except the Sony units that normally live in the tray, when traveling.

The inner ribs in the Dewalt case – were also cut off with a vibrator tool. I needed a full 11.5 inch width of the soundboard – the length of the keyboard – that sits on top, was 11 3/8 inch.

Two Dewalt cases and trays.

Two big Dewalt cases and the trays.

If I need to be mobile, there’s a Petrol soundbag sitting in the 2nd Dewalt case.

The bag already contains a smaller 12 volt gel-cell PowerSonic battery. There’s a 2nd backup battery as well.

Two Dewalt cases on fold-up cart, with boom pole.

The cases on a fold-up cart.

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