Work-truck finally hits the road

It has taken many years, to slowly build up a good collection of tools.

Most of the gear was in those Dewalt cases, and all these were stored in my motor-home. It didn’t leave much room. My 1994 GMC Safari mini-van was too small to hold all the gear.

By summer of 2016, I started to search for a better work-truck.

The 2nd one I looked at – was in Medicine Hat, Alberta. On Aug-13th, I paid cash for a 1988 GMC Grumman 1 ton step van.

The distance from the engine’s doghouse – to the back doors, is 17 feet.

I worked on it most everyday for the next 4 months. By mid December, I had most of the interior done.

Went for a test drive south – in and around the Longview area. The truck struggled all the way back and finally died on the highway – just outside of Black Diamond. Had to get towed back to the shop.

The new fuel filter lasted only a week…

Which meant I needed to replace the gas tank and fuel pump assembly. Turns out, the inside of the old tank was full of rust, along with sand and gravel…!

Below is an interior view. Used 324 feet of 1.5 inch angle-iron, to build the shelving.

All the vertical frames with cross braces – were welded.

The RHS has 3 rows. Each row uses two 15 foot rails. All these rails were drilled and bolted onto the 3 vertical frame structures (front – middle – back).

The LHS was a bit more complicated to assemble…

On a road SE of Black Diamond, Alberta. Shooting some footage of horses on a cold winter day…

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