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Assignment photography (1978) of the Princess Compressor Station…

The station – suffered a massive explosion on Tuesday Feb-28-1980. The greenhouse was also destroyed.

Princess Greenhouse - project cover.

Alberta Gas Truck Line (eventually renamed to Nova Corp – in Calgary) had a test greenhouse project near the town of Princess – which is about 15 miles northeast of Brooks. And roughly 130 miles east of Calgary.

They were capturing the waste heat generated from a gas compressor station, and transferring this energy across the road to the greenhouse – which grew mainly tomatoes and cucumbers.

Princess Greenhouse - aerial view.

I did some aerial shots from a plane, of the greenhouse building and adjoining compressor station. Near Brooks, Alberta.

Princess Greenhouse - compressor.

One of the diesel-powered compressors, used to maintain pressure in the gas pipeline.

Princess Greenhouse - heat recovery.

Heat exchangers were build around some of the exhaust stacks – coming out of the compressor station. Pipes then carried the heated liquid to the greenhouse.

Princess Greenhouse - hot air distribution.

The heated fluid was piped into radiators at one end of the greenhouse. Fans blew the warm air into plastic tubes suspended from the ceiling. Small vent holes in the tubes, allowed the heat to be fairly well distributed inside the space.

Princess Greenhouse - cooling.

View of the radiators, from which the heat was taken from.

Princess Greenhouse - hydroponics.

Hydroponics – water and other nutrients were piped into all the soil beds.

Princess Greenhouse - propagation.

All the systems are monitored.

Princess Greenhouse - planting.

New plants are being added.

Stephene Ho - project manager.

Stephene Ho was the project manager – based in Calgary, Alberta.

Macleans’s Magazine - article.

On May-15-1978, a small article was published in Macleans’s Magazine, Toronto, Ontario.

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