Robin Perry – Photographer & Author (1917–2005)


I first came across his name around 1974 – from some newsletters [pictures pending] that I received from Dexter Press – a company that specialized in Color PostCards.


Here’s a forum discussion about the original Dexter Press. RReardon’s post on Sep-08-2013 mentions his grandfather, Thomas A. Dexter, founded and ran Dexter Press.


Robin wrote numerous articles about technique and the business side of photography – inside these newsletters.


If you search for Dexter Press now – this is in their About page > For over 40 years MWM Dexter has provided church supply products for the Christian community.


Robin Perry – photography, freelance writer and author.


This page is devoted to his memory…

I have the following two books – written by Robin Perry…


© - All Rights Reserved


© - All Rights Reserved


In 1978, he was flown in by (_PPOC_)PPOC – Professional Photographers of Canada, to be a guest speaker – at an event held in the main ballroom at the Palliser Hotel in Calgary.


It didn’t take too long for me to realize, while listening to his presentation – that I had found my main mentor. After his riveting talk, I worked up the courage to try and chat with him, before he left – back to Connecticut.


There were 3 of us from the audience – who did manage to join him, for some late evening food and lively conversation.

In the fall of 1979, I attended his week-long creative workshop [pictures pending] held at his studio in Waterford, Connecticut.


Map: USA Connecticut


I remember coming back to Calgary and telling everyone, that my head was so swollen with knowledge – that I had a hard time going thru doorways…


Around 1985, he built a new house [picture pending] in Indialantic (Brevard County) – Florida and moved his studio operation there.


In the summer of 1989, we dropped in to see him [pictures pending]. I was taking my 2 sons for a road trip in my Chevy van – from Calgary to Key West in Florida.


City of Indialantic located in Brevard County, Florida

Robin Livingston Perry passed away at age 87. I found this obituary at the→ Florida Today newspaper website:

Robin L Perry, died at home in Indialantic, FL on Wednesday, June 22, 2005. He was the son of Natalie Forbes Perry and Clinton McKesson Perry and the grandson of Alexander Forbers.

He was a veteran of the Army and the Navy, a POW who escaped early in World War II, and the recipient of a Purple Heart. He was an avid aviator and flew his Cessna until his last day. Mr Perry was a renowned photographer with a studio in Connecticut and was the author of nine books and hundreds of articles on flying and photography.

A Memorial Service will be held in the Brownlie Maxwell Chapel, at 2 p.m., Thursday, June 30th.


› Here’s an article from The Day newspaper, dated Mar-31-1975. I found this story by searching at Google News Archive.

› Tyree Trading Postcards has a site that is still selling his old postcards.

Made by Dexter Press of West Nyack NY
Published by Perry Studios of Waterford Ct


› Marco wrote a memorium at his website→ Marco Zecchin Photographic Art.


› A few comments were posted in a→ thread.


› Robin Perry wrote an article about ‘Cameras’ in the NY Times→ Arts section, published March 8th 1981.

› The following was found in this document, on page 3National_Press_Club,Vol56,No28.pdf

Robin Perry Bequest To Go for Centennial

The late Robin Livingston Perry, a commercial photographer and prolific author, has bequeathed $20,158 to the Club. The Board voted last month to use the money to create a new fund to finance the celebration of the Club’s upcoming centennial.

Perry, who died in June 2005, in Indialantic, Fla., belonged to the Club from January 1977 to March 1995.

Perry’s bequest is an exciting start for the Centennial fund, said Club Treasurer Donna Leinwand.

To contribute, contact General Manager John Bloom at (202) 662-7534.

Note as of Jan-2017 > the website is now called And their Annual Reports go back 10 years – now starting at 2007.


› The following was once found in this document→


On page 7, there’s a heading labelled “Photograph Collection”. Then on page 8, in the top left corner – the following is shown:

From Estate of Robin L Perry

Approximately 8,000 prints, negatives, and

transparencies of commercial studiowork,

1960–1979, by Robin L Perry (1917–2005)

Saturday, Jan-07-2017


The bulk of the above material was copied from my previous 2014 website design. I still have to transfer about 18 comments made to the original posting yet.


There are about a dozen items waiting to to photographed and maybe 30 slides to be scanned. I’ll try to work on these as time permits.


Also have a few recorded telephone conversations – sitting on cassettes. It will be good to hear his voice again…!




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