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Zoom F8 audio recorder setup

  Finally got the “Cooper SoundBoard” finished today.   Picked up the 1 meter (39 inch) long Hirose cable, from my sister’s place in Calgary yesterday.   The Alvin cable purchased on eBay, took 29 days to arrive…:(   This cable has a Male ...Read More

Work-truck finally hits the road

It has taken many years, to slowly build up a good collection of tools. Most of the gear was in those Dewalt cases, and all these were stored in my motor-home. It didn’t leave much room. My 1994 GMC Safari mini-van was too small ...Read More

Ursa camera + Nikon 1,600 mm lens combo

Mid February-2016,  I purchased a piece of aluminum, from a metal supply shop in Calgary. It was 12 inches wide, 48 inches long and 1/2 inch thick. Weight = 28.224 lbs…     After a few days of looking and thinking, I finally had ...Read More